All Over Print Tank Tops

These all-over tank tops are perfect for Festival fashion or summer fun, and just as ideal for layering in cooler weather. Soft to the touch, they’ll become your faves in no time. All designs are unique, hand-made, and independently designed

  • 100% polyester jersey
  • Unisex
  • Made in the USA

Products ship internationally from USA

Rainbow Mandala 1

Psychedelic Rainbow Mandala created from images of acrylic paintings

Fractal Rainbow

    Repeating fractal spiral pattern           

Leaf Fractals

    Swirling fractals made from              images of scanned leaves                 

Rainbow  Lotus Meditator

An outwardly spiraling rainbow lotus with a meditator sitting inside of a lotus.

Rainbow Mandala 2

Psychedelic Rainbow mandala created from acrylic painting

Giant Flower Fractal

Psychedelic Rainbow Fractal pattern made with scanned images of real flowers

Rainbow Madness

              Lisa Frank on LSD                                                                              

Metatron's Infinity Cube

A repeating rainbow Metatron's Cube design

Sacral Chakra

Your 2nd Chakra portal, the center        for feelings and emotions