Quest Coloring Competition Free Downloads!

Quest Coloring competition boost image.jpg

We are excited to announce Quest Festival 2017’s Coloring Competition and a two chances to win a free ticket to this years festival! Phlerp Designs, a Quest Festival resident artist, has created beautiful coloring page designs based on the theme of this year's Quest Festival. The theme for this year is the four holy animals of Vietnam, or in Vietnamese Tứ linh – The Dragon, The Qilin, The Phoenix and The Turtle. The designs are closely inspired by traditional Vietnamese artwork representing these creatures.

In order to participate:

  • Download the 4 coloring pages for free from     
  • Color in your favorite design
  • Submit your best coloring page by publicly posting a scan or high quality picture of your work with the hashtag #QuestColoring2017 on either Facebook or Instagram.
  • Be sure posts are public so the Quest team can see them.
  • All submissions must be posted by Saturday September 30th
  • The winner will be announced by Sunday October 1st

Visit for more information about Quest Festival 2017