Art Prints

Take your home decor up a notch by hanging up some beautiful wall art. Whether it’s a minimalistic piece or a colorful world of wonder, these posters are bound to become talking points in any room. Multitude of sizes available for any wall in your home. 

  • Thick, strong, matte posters
  • Archival, acid-free paper

Fire Eye Meditator

Fall into formless awareness with the Fire-Eyed Meditator. Created from images of fire spinning friends

Meditation Lotus

Two Hands connecting in meditation pose, hold a lotus flower.

Water Color Woman

Multi-media art piece created using coloring pencils, water colors, acrylic painting, and photoshop.

Metatron's Infinity Cube

  An infinitely repeating metatron's                   cube design                                            

Seed of Life Crystal Lotus

Seed of life crystal lotus design, based upon the Oh Mani Padme               Hum, buddhist chant                           

Lotus Meditator

An outwardly spiraling rainbow lotus with a meditator sitting inside of a lotus.