Phlerp Designs

Travis Risner the creator and artist/designer behind Phlerp Designs. Spending lots of time traveling and living in Asia, he has found endless inspiration from Buddhist and Southeast Asian design and philosophy. Mostly working with pen and ink drawings and continuously learning more digital mediums, Phlerp Designs continues to expand and to grow. Originally from the United States, Travis is currently living and working as an artist and an English teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Artist's Intention

As humans we have the incredible ability (if not purpose) to create love and positive energy. Art is an incredible means to spread loving and compassionate energy. If art can create a single positive thought in the viewer then that artwork has found its purpose. It is the intention of Phlerp Designs to inspire the viewer in a positive way and to help viewers come closer to their own personal, spiritual enlightenment, in whatever form that may take.

Peace - Harmony - Liberation - Enlightenment - Resonance - Presence