Photo by Teigue Blokpoel Photography

Photo by Teigue Blokpoel Photography


Phlerp Designs

Phlerp Designs is the creative outlet for American born artist Travis Risner. He believes that creativity can be a spiritual path to our own personal liberation and enlightenment. Travis works as a freelance artist in Hanoi, Vietnam, by creating spaces and inspiring others to embrace their creativity. Spending time traveling and living in Asia, he has found endless inspiration from Buddhist and Southeast Asian design and philosophy. Using a combination of drawing, painting, and digital design Phlerp Designs creates psychedelic and spiritually inspired artwork.

Artist's Intention

Creativity is often related to imagination, โ€˜artistic skillsโ€™, or unique ideas. Creativity is something that everyone is capable of and we exercise it all the time. As humans, we are creating in every moment. Whether we are creating a mood, an emotion, an idea, words, or a piece of art, we are engaging in the creative process.

The act of creating provides us with a clear opportunity to be present with our creative process. As we sit and take the time to mindfully create we can begin to understand all the gifts that come from investing in our creative selves.

It is the intention of Phlerp Designs to inspire others to mindfully engage in the creative process. Individuals may do this through one of Phlerp Designs' different creative arts events, workshops, classes, or engaging with the artwork in its various forms and installations.

Peace - Harmony - Liberation - Enlightenment - Resonance - Presence